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After 5 years of success with Concept 350, F.I.MA.L redefines the standards of horizontal panel beam saw introducing for the first time the exclusive ROTOMATIC system.

KR SPIN is here.

Thanks to this innovative system, the stripe generated from the longitudinal cut is automatically turned to the cross cut area with a 90° rotation of the pusher.
The productivity and the precision of the cutting cycle is not depending on the operator any longer.
The operator only has to unload the cut pieces.

Concept 350: the First, the Unique, THE ORIGINAL

In 2014, when the global economic crisis was not completely behind and the market confidence still weak, in F.I.MA.L was clear that it was the right time to propose an innovative machine that would have changed the concept of panel sizing.

Concept 350 was born.

Market feeback has been immediate and worldwide, so much that Concept 350 is currently distributed in over 40 countries on all 6 continents of the world.






F.I.MA.L srl was founded in 2013 and consolidated its foundations thanks to many years of experience of its Founding Members in the woodworking machinery market.
F.I.MA.L boasts the acquisition of the historic Paoloni Macchine brand (a company that has been a main player in the international market since 1955) and carries on the production of traditional machinery in parallel with new projects developed by the internal technical office.

Our Plus.  Why to choose FIMAL

Made in Italy

F.I.MA.L, a deeply-established company in “Marche” Region, makes of Made in Italy and of the Know How its distinctive characteristics. Not only for the internal production division, which starts from the primary aluminum and cast-iron processing up to the assembly and testing of each machine, but also for italian suppliers’ network to guarantee high quality raw materials.

Distribution Network

The wide range of machines produced, the freedom to outline the composition and the equipment that best fits the real processing needs and the network of skilled and professional dealers allow F.I.MA.L to be present and capillary all over the world in order to offer appropriate expert advice in purchasing.
Moreover, the close collaboration with our distributors guarantees the ease, readiness and efficiency of both ordinary and extraordinary intervention on the machines thanks to the coordination and support of our internal Service Department.

The new KR43

New features and innovative design.

The new T270

Produced in four versions. The Toupie you were looking for


Our tilting blade squaring machine

 Spare Parts Service

F.I.MA.L strongly believed and invested in the customer satisfaction, creating a precise and careful after sale service.
This system has become more and more refined during the last years and now, thanks to the work of a multilanguage secretary office (english, french, spanish and german) composed of 3 people and 3 technicians, is able to give rapid and precise answers.
F.I.MA.L together with the increasing technology supplies also with an on-line after sale service.
Please write us at or contact us for any request.



Electronic Beam Saws

F.I.MA.L once more sets the standards in the field of entry level machines. Never in the past has technology involving linear guides and controlled axes been used on this machine series. The aim of these innovative technical solutions is to reach high performance while at the same time offering maximum precision, all this without overlooking the special characteristics of the new KR 32 and KR 43, such as ergonomics, small machine dimensions and great simplicity of use. These features make the KR 32 and KR 43 the reference panel sizing centres in their category.


  • linear guides and controlled axes

  • small machine dimensions

  • high ergonomicity

  • maximum precision

  • uncompromising performance

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